30 years of
Innovation & Reliability in marine solutions

We are pioneers and industry leaders in Marine Screw Anchoring and developers of arguably the most innovative and reliable Elastic Moorings and Aquaculture float systems worldwide.

Everything we do, we believe will lead to better and sustainable marine solutions.

The way we do this is with a relentless pursuit of improvement and having innovation as core to company culture, with goals of making our products smart in design, fit to purpose, robust and user friendly.

Elastic Moorings

Our system reduces the swing area, does not damage the seabed, requires very low maintenance and has a record of zero failures. Reliability and efficiency tested in applications such as wave attenuators, buoys, floating pontoons, aquaculture farms, and swing moorings. Unrivaled on stretching capacity, load capacity per cord and ultimate durability in storm loading cycles.

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Screw Anchor Installation Technology

Developed over 30 years, our diverless technology is second to none in terms of efficiency, robustness, location precision and environmental sustainability. Anchors of just 65 Kg can achieve holding capacity up to 25 Tonnes. The installation process leaves an absolute minimal seabed footprint, and during the anchors’ life does not cause any impact on the surrounding seabed, thus eliminating the damage caused by catenary action solutions such as chain moorings.
The operation is fast, easy, compact and very cost-effective. The patented adjustable optional helix plate allows on-site adjustment according to the geology of each anchoring spot. Location precision is achieved with GNSS/DGPS edge technology. The installation data logging software records water depth, anchor installation torque, anchor attributes, and substrate penetration.

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Marine Flex Screw Anchors
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Aquaculture Floats

Breakthrough technology in terms of operational cost reductions, environmental sustainability and allowance of farming inclement offshore open waters.
The shock-absorbing connection system allows fast installation. It also prevents the contact between the backbone rope and the floats resulting in increased rope life and elimination of lashings. The heavy-duty attachment points permit farming in extreme weather conditions without floats detaching or lashing/locking-pins breaking.
Very versatile, the system can be used in conventional surface or sub-surface long line farming. For sub-surface applications, floats are designed with built-in quick connection receptacles for long life elastic cords. These elastic cords can be used to connect surface and sub-surface floats (Elastic Droppers) dampening the energy allowing farming in more extreme conditions and mitigating the “drop off” losses of product.

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Marine Flex Aquaculture Floats
Marine Flex Aquaculture Floats
Marine Flex Aquaculture Floats


These are some of our latest projects.

Our systems are strongly recognized for reliability, effectiveness, and efficiency. We are proud to be close to 20,000 Screw Anchors installed, hundreds of our recently released Elastic Mooring units and over 2000 floats for Mussel farms installed without failure. We are experienced in various applications for Coastal and Offshore Mussel and Fish farms, Swing Moorings, Jetties, Pontoons, Wave Attenuators, Pipe Anchoring, Floating Buildings, and Marine Energy Generation.


What our customers & partners are saying.

“New Zealand King Salmon has approximately 12.000 tons/year production over 5 farms in the Marlborough sounds. The key thing with the screw anchors is once they are in you know they are not going to be moving or dragging like concrete blocks. Also enables you to load test the moorings making sure you have a constant loading across the farm, therefore not over stressing anything”

Mark Gillard – Operations Manager, NZ King Salmon

“Sanford has been using Marine Flex Screw Anchors since prior 1992. We operate about 180 marine farms. Increased productivity that we enjoy is based around positioning the farm on its boundaries. That means that we can increase the length of the backbones and make sure that each farm is being used at its maximum”

Dave Herbert – Farm Manager, Sandford Ltd

”Mike used a lot of his innovation and practical engineering background to develop the diveless system and, particularly, the shaftless screw anchor. What he has done down there is impressive. The shaftless screw anchors is a very smart solution that avoids any high strength and low cycle fatigue problem"

Gary Teear – Engineer/Co-Director, Ocel Consultants Ltd

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