Elastic Moorings

The most innovative and reliable elastic mooring system on the market today

A Marine Flex Elastic Mooring will withstand severe weather conditions and has strong resistance in both freshwater and saltwater environments, and has an unsurpassed ability to safely resist wave motion. It is one of the safest mooring systems on the market and is already used in many heavy high value applications including wave attenuators, buoys, floating pontoons, aquaculture farms and large swing moorings.

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Why Marine Flex?

Marine Flex has never failed and has a unique construction which allows our units to slowly stretch to twice resting length and then return to its original length in a smooth, calm movement – In combination with initial pre-tensioning, provides progressive resistance to both horizontal and vertical wave motion. A pontoon anchored with Marine Flex is never passive to the sea but instead offers firm resistance to wind & wave actions reducing substantially movements and swing area.

Marine Flex is one of the most advanced mooring systems, invented in New Zealand for the world market. Understanding the limitations from installing standard mooring systems over a 30 year period, the inventor Mike Baker has drawn on his experience to develop an innovative, extremely reliable and environmentally friendly mooring system.

Environmentally Friendly

The unit is suspended in the water column eliminating any disturbance/degradation to any aquatic environment.

Space Saving

Marine Flex is used regularly in mooring areas to minimize swing circles. When applied to any floating structure, reduces the area required to anchor it.


Each Marine Flex unit is protected by a UHMWPE 12 strand highest strength weight ratio yarn. This prevents over elongation of the rubber elements.

Low Maintenance Cost

Marine Flex is constructed with ultra-high polymer corrosion resistant plastics and rubber products. Made of 15% protected metals (galvanised) and 75% of non-corrosive materials.

Easy to Transport & Install

Marine Flex Elastic Moorings are highly componentized, very easily flat-packed for shipment and assembly.

Approved by competent authorities

The cornerstone in the development of Marine Flex was to have it professionally engineered, tested and underwritten by a third party. Approved at NSW-Australia as environmentally friendly mooring system for seagrass and protected marine areas.


Floating Solar Array.
  • Eco-friendly

    Minimises environmental footprint.  Elastic moorings will typically keep the mooring line off the ground, avoiding disturbance to the bottom.
  • Safe

    Adding flexibility to the system will considerably reduce the risk of overloading of the mooring lines. This can mitigate a cascaded overloading effect that can cause a catastrophic failure of the rigid mooring system.

    Marine Flex keeps the system always under horizontal and vertical tension. A lack of downforce has been reported as the root cause of catastrophic failures due to edge flips.
  • Capability and performance

    Marine Flex copes with higher water level variations while reducing the lateral movements. Mooring lines with Marine Flex can work with lower warp ratios which can: a) Eliminate or reduce the swing area significantly at low water levels; b) Reduce the mooring system's footprint allowing high productivity.

    Marine Flex has a longer life span and lower maintenance compared to traditional mooring systems

& Background

Our organization has been involved in rubber elastic moorings systems for almost 20 years. 

Our patented Marine Flex units have been through vigorous testing processes witnessed by Marine Engineering Consultants and destructive testing by independent load testing authorities.

During the development process Marine Flex units were tested by elongating them to 200% of their at rest length every 1.5 seconds for 50,000 cycles and still remained completely fit for purpose at the end of the test. The By-Pass system that prevents the rubber cords from over-extension are made from UHMWPE rope approved by ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV-GL, LLOYD, NK, RINA, KR & KST. The critical fittings that attach to the anchor system and the top rope are certified as DIN580 rated parts. 

“Marine Flex aims to deliver elastic rode solutions through R & D, efficient manufacture and high level quality assurance. It is always our desire to be the leading preferred supplier in any market we operate in. This also provides our stakeholders with pride and great value when using our equipment"

Donna Baker - Managing Director


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